'Museum Without Walls' goes live!

On June 6th, the Society's 'Museum Without Walls' went live. Panels, roundels and cabinets for display posters were put up on Tramlink stops in the Croydon area. During the past year the Society has been working on this project, with Heritage Lottery Funding, and support and sponsorship from the London Borough of Croydon, Nestlés, and the Wates Foundation.

It will provide Croydon with displays at selected Croydon tram stops, featuring local finds, and old maps and illustrations, relevant to the geology, archaeology, or local history of the area around each stop. This will allow the public to see images of some of the items in the Society's and Croydon Council's museum, archive and library collections, with accompanying explanatory text.

Putting up a cabinet for display posters in Church Street

Left: Mark Jones and John Bennett, of Bus Shelters Limited, putting up a cabinet for display posters at Church Street.
Major displays are located at the East Croydon, Church Street and West Croydon Tramlink stops. At the George Street stop, for reasons of space, there are only two panels. Checking the fixing of a display panel Left: Mark tightens up the mounting of a panel.

Right: John puts up a roundel.

Fitting a roundel on a lamp-post at a Tramlink stop

Other stops, including Therapia Lane, Sandilands and Woodside, have roundels providing brief information about a particularly significant aspect of the locality. (Do you know whereabouts in Croydon a now-extinct mammal, Coryphodon croydonensis, died some 55 million years ago? Visit your 'Museum Without Walls' to find out.) A display panel at George Street Left: A display panel at the George Street stop.
The Deputy Mayor and Society President at the opening

The 'Museum Without Walls' was formally 'opened' by the Deputy Mayor of Croydon, Councillor Rod Matlock, on June 26.

Left: Councillor Rod Matlock (on left) and Paul Sowan, CNHSS President, talk at the opening of the Museum Without Walls.

FreeForm Arts Trust was commissioned by the Society to design the displays. A map and a guide to the stops in the form of a leaflet is available from the Tramlink office, Tourist Information in the Clock Tower and the Society. This was designed by Amy Harris of Croydon Council.


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