Croydon Bibliographies for Regional Survey July 2003
Number 90 Library Accessions ISSN 0309 - 8591
Published irregularly at Croydon by the Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Limited, registered office : 96a Brighton Road, SOUTH CROYDON, Surrey CR2 6AD

Edited by Paul W Sowan, CNHSS Librarian
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ANON (2003). Coins reveal how Hannibal bankrupted the Romans. Brit Archaeol 71, page 7.

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ANON (2003). Eurotunnel's rail freight aspirations. Modern Railways 60(658), page 37.

ANON (2003). Improving London's freight routes. Modern Railways 60(658), page 54.

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ANON (2003). Central Line services resume. London Rlwy Rec 36, page 391.

ANON (2003). Guided visit to the Rural History Centre and Museum of English Rural Life at Reading University: Thursday 19 June 2003. Loc Hist News 67, page 29 [Advance notice]

ANON (2003). Royal Mail pulls out of rail. Modern Railways 60(658), page 12 [Closure of Post Office Railway etc]

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SOWAN, P.W. (2003). Croydon quarries inspection reports for 1896 - 1900. CNHSS Site File 10: 7pp [Surrey: LB Croydon: Beulah Brickfields (Thornton Heath) / Fairfield gravel pits / Haling Down chalk pits and limeworks / Coulsdon (Stoats Nest) chalk pits and limeworks / Purley chalk pits / Riddlesdown (Rose and Crown) and Whyteleafe chalk pits and limeworks][CNHSS]

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BRISTOW, Ron (2003). Yesterday in Hampshire. Links (Bull. Newcomen Soc.) 186, page 10 [Account of the Milestone Museum of historic vehicles / reconstructed commercial premises and street scenes &c]

COUNCIL FOR MUSEUMS, ARCHIVES AND LIBRARIES (2003). Security in museums, archives and libraries. A practical guide. CMAL: viii + 175pp [ISBN 1-903743-13-3]

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ANON (2003). A tale of two barns. The Bat Detector 29, page 5 [Great Barn at Wanborough (Surrey) and a barn in Kent]

DAY, John (2003). Illuminating tales: the British glow-worm. Planet Earth, Summer 2003, page 32 [Coleoptera: Lampyris noctiluca and the (rare) Phosphaenus hemipterus].

LOVE, Andrew, and Richard ABBOTT (2003). Evolution in action. Andrew Love and Richard Abbott explain how Britain's newest plant species is an unparalleled opportunity to study evolution. Planet Earth, Summer 2003, 24-25 [York groundsel, Senacio eboracensis, first recognised in 1970]

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