Croydon Bibliographies for Regional Survey October 2002
Number 77 Library Accessions ISSN 0309 - 8591
Published irregularly at Croydon by the Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Limited, registered office : 96a Brighton Road, SOUTH CROYDON, Surrey CR2 6AD

Edited by Paul W Sowan, CNHSS Librarian
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ANON (2002). Flats will rise on ancient site. Croydon Post, 18 September 2002, page 11 [Croydon: Edridge Road / Park Lane Anglo-Saxon cemetery site]

ANON (2002). Historians angered over development of Saxon graves. Croydon Advertiser, 20 September 2002 [Croydon: Edridge Road / Park Lane Anglo-Saxon cemetery site]

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WICKHAM, James (2002). Approval is given for six-storey block on Saxon burial ground. Croydon Advertiser, 13 September 2002, page 12 [Edridge Road / Park Lane]

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ANON (2002). Historic church gets listed status. Croydon Advertiser, 13 September 2002 [Croydon: St. John's Parish Church]

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ANON (2002). Wading through a muddy pool ..Croydon Advertiser, 13 September 2002 [Sanderstead Pond weed clearance]

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GOULD, Hannah (2002). What did we learn? The Museums and Galleries Lifelong Learning Initiative (MGLI) 2000 - 2002. Campaign for Learning Through Museums and Galleries: 39pp

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