Croydon Bibliographies for Regional Survey September 2000
Number 43 Library Accessions ISSN 0309 - 8591
Published irregularly at Croydon by the Croydon Natural History and Scientific Society Limited, registered office : 96a Brighton Road, SOUTH CROYDON, Surrey CR2 6AD

Edited by Paul W Sowan, CNHSS Librarian
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ENGLISH HERITAGE (2000). Review of policies relating to the historic environment. Discussion Paper 2: Belonging. The historic environment: public involvement and access. EH: 16pp.

ENGLISH HERITAGE (2000). Review of policies relating to the historic environment. Discussion Paper 3: Experiencing. Tourism and the historic environment. EH: 12pp.

ENGLISH HERITAGE (2000). Review of policies relating to the historic environment. Discussion Paper 4: Caring. The historic environment: regulation, procedures, protection and characterisation. EH: 14pp.

ENGLISH HERITAGE (2000). Review of policies relating to the historic environment. Discussion Paper 5: Enriching. The historic environment: sustainability, and economic and social growth. EH: 18pp.

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CHARLES CLOSE SOCIETY for the STUDY of ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS (2000). Almanack 2000. Charles Close Society: 32pp [Membership list etc]

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No items in this issue

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No items in this issue

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